Unsatisfaction with the new way read words are counted

With the recent update, all the sudden, when I finish my Japanese lessons, LingQ tells me that I read the whole lesson some 5-20 times.

Really, I am just reading along at the speed of the audio, and I don’t even turn the page back once usually. I really prefered the old way the read words were counted. Luckily, I can adjust the number manually after the lesson to “read 1.0 times”, but this is acutally very annoying.

I really love the progress tracking system of LingQ. It’s invaluable. But this is messing up the words read count and the coin statistics a lot.

Why was this changed? Why isn’t the default read 1.0 times?

When you complete a lesson, your words read count should actually increase +1 only. Is that on the website version?

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The word count and listening count are extremely buggy. It doesn’t take much for them to increase incorrectly; for example, switching from page view to sentence view, editing a sentence while in sentence view both seem to wreck the stats.

And decreasing them to the proper count after finishing the lesson doesn’t stick. I created a thread reporting this last week but it was removed.

(web version; Chrome)


Yea and it was only since the new update.

that’s a real bummer, for me it wasn’t off by so much in the past, it only started getting out of hand with this new update