Unnecessary Things that Many Travelers Do

Just like everybody else, I too find myself resenting people who sometimes do things differently to the way I like to do them. I like to brush my teeth after eating breakfast, and I can’t believe that people would do it before breakfast. It annoys me when they do and there is no reason for it. When I was a student, I used to work at night and sleep during the day, and lots of people resented me doing it, even though they had no reason too. People who love football and hate golf resent people for liking golf and hating football.

I think these are normal emotions that are very much unavoidable. I only wish that people would be better at recognizing these ways of thinking in themselves instead of genuinely holding it against other people when they do things that they resent.

I hate people driving cars altogether. I like to think that it’s because of the bloodbath that is a result of people driving cars around, but probably it’s for the reason I explained in my earlier post. There is always some rationalization.

Oh, dear, ColinJohnstone: You hate me! I drive and as to wanting to feel fresh and pepperminty-smelling in the morning…

I hate how kimojima keeps deleting his conversations so I can never tell what he was talking about (I assume his messages are blank for everyone else… right?)


@ SannaT - I did not say that I hate people who drive cars. I said I hate people driving cars. It is not just because of the gigantic number of people killed and injured, but also because of the pollution caused by it and the massive inconveniences for pedestrians who are forced to dodge in and out of cars everywhere they go.

@ kimojima - couldn’t you have waited a couple of days before deleting your messages? Maybe waiting until after the thread has died would be nice.