Unnecessary complications on the forum

Sorry about the misleading title as I mean something like “need for streamlining and making site more clear.” Also an important disclaimer: I love Lingq and have been using it for over 3 years. My suggestions are only to help developers see where simplification may be a good idea to reduce user frustration. Here’s an example of what I mean:

My study buddy and I each have our own Lingq premium accounts and wanted to change our vocabulary reviews so the lingqs weren’t in alphabetical order. I posted here and got a helpful answer that began this way: After you start a review, click on the settings button on the top right, and there under “Review Settings” you will see additional settings button[s] for each activity. . . .

I wrote to my friend and told him how to change his account the way I had. I sent him the exact instructions as they were provided to me. He wrote back: “When I click the settings button on the right I do NOT get an option that says “Review Settings” and therefore cannot find a “Shuffle” option.” So the next time we met we went over it together and I saw what his problem was.

As you can see from the screen shot below, the settings button is not called the settings button. It’s just a gear, a symbol which I recognized but which he didn’t. And it’s not really at the top right of the page but just the top right of the flashcard. So he checked the buttons on the top right, found one that listed settings but got no sign of review settings because these were a completely different kind of setting. And he was frustrated, irritated and blaming Lingq and wondering why he kept bothering with it.

So I’ve spent about 15 minutes on this post just to make this point: MORE can be done at Lingq to streamline the user’s experience, to make experiences like this less likely to happen, to relieve us of having to post a question and then wait to find out how to use a feature but rather to find it in an extensive list of FAQS or detailed user manual. Enough said. I’ll go back now to loving Lingq.