Unknown word count and actual unknown word count is not correct

In the Francais facile 18 April 2018 there are two words left that are unknown. However in the upper right corner the unknown word counter claims that there are 25 unknown words.


Francais facile 17 April 2018 3 unknown words word counter claims 29
Francais facile 16 April 2018 0 unknown words word counter claims 25

And I assume there are a lot more

This is strange. This doesn’t happen for me. What browser are you using ?

I am using Google Chrome.

Yeah, that happened to me sometimes as well, it is a bug. Most likely, the LingQ interface trims the text, that’s why you can’t see it entirely. But if you finish the lesson, all those “unknown” words will be “known”. Here’s my comment one and a half years ago: