Unique words in a course

How can I see how many uniqe words are in a course. I can check the individual lessons but it is not showm for the complete course,

Under each course on the Library tab on the home page, you can see how many blue words it has, just as you can for a lessons. Take another look.

The amount of blue words is not the same as the amount of unique words that are contained in the course. For these two points to line up 100% of the words would have to be unkown.

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I didn’t think that there was a way–or at least I don’t remember seeing it. Perhaps when Zoran understands what you are asking, he might have some insight.

If this is material that you’re importing and you have the text available in a file, you can use Calibre to tell you how many unique words and with what frequency. If it’s just a course you’re doing on LingQ, that information is not available, but it doesn’t matter so much.


Yes. Easy to do for an individual lesson.
For a complete COURSE, you can do in the Vocabulary section. Go into the vocabulary section and set up a “Search Filter.” (On my iphone it’s a funny symbol in the right of the search bar above “SRS Due”. In the Web version click on filters.) Then do the sort for the [Full] Course you want. BUT–and this is important–before you hit Apply make sure you a looking for word with ANY status (1, 2, 3, 4, Known.) (You need to have the dots spread out on the iPhone slider or check all the boxes on web version.)
Then hit apply and it will tell you the total number of UNIQUE words as it “lists” all of them.
Of course you can also do with a subset of statuses or with a particular lesson in the course.
Play with this feature in vocabulary as it’s quite powerful

I can’t find anything for the course. DanRunner has a solution, but there’s a quicker way for just seeing unique word count of a specific lesson.

On the web, if you are in the “Library” tab, or “My Lessons” tab, on each “tile” there are 3 dots in the upper right corner for each lesson. If you hover your mouse pointer over that it will tell you the unique word count.

You can also go to the “view course” option which would list all of the lessons within a specific course. You can do the same “hover” technique above to get each individual lessons unique word count.

Unfortunately I don’t see a way to do this for the course itself other than to hover over each lesson and total them up.

I also found this online tool:


You can go into the lesson click “full text”. Copy that and paste it into the online tool. It gives you some more interesting statistics similar to Calibre which t_harangi mentions below. Although some of the statistics are based on English (i.e. difficult words or difficulty), others are quite interesting.

Thanks for the tips and solutions being offered. It might be worth thinking about to just dispay this information on the hompage of your course list. If the information can be given for the individual lessons, why not for the complete course as well?

For now I will check out