Understanding a movie

Hey guys
This is my first post here.
Well, I’ve been studying English really hard over 6 months, I’m not fluent yet, I’m sure I’m on my way, though.

The question is:

How many % can you understand a movie without subtitles? What’s your average?

I think I can understand about 35% already.
I can understand about 60-90% depending on the movie.

What about you?

Hi Nelo

I think you are doing great if you’ve only been studying English for 6 months.

I have been studying Czech on and off for 2 years, maybe 1 year seriously. For me understanding movies was really tough. In fact up to a couple of months ago I understood nothing although I can speak pretty well. Anyway, i’ve concentrated on developing my listening skills (lingq best feature I think) and now I’m at about 30%. I think I understand about 60 -70 % of words spoken, but ony understand the full meaning of about 30% of sentences spoken… This is a breakthrough level for me, because now I can follow the general gist of things and this keeps me interested. I’m expecting that now that I’ve reached this level, the rest will come quick enough.

I’m heading out today to buy the full series of ´Friends’ in Czech. Not that I particularly like the series, but I know it quite well and the level of conversation fits for me.


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Thanks buddy,

I forgot to write ‘with subtitles’ I can understand 60-90%.

Well, I have really started studying English 6 months ago, but I’ve been playing online game for many years, so I had to know at least some useful sentences, it helped me a lot.

I just followed you. I hope we can keep in touch.