Understand the grammar but still don't 'sense' its correct

I’ve been learning Japanese for about a year and a half now. Furthermore, I have been living in Japan so I get a ton of listening material in addition to using LingQ. I’m an exchange student so I often write essays and ask native speakers to correct my mistakes for my essays. When they correct some of my mistakes, I can understand why because of grammar rules why I was wrong, however, I can’t get that ‘feeling’ of correctness. I assume it will come from continuing to listen.

Has anyone else experienced this disconnect from something feeling wrong to know the rules that make it wrong?

In my opinion in order to develop that feeling for correctness you need much more time, I would say maybe three years of intensive study. I’ve been studying Czech for a year and a half as well, listening to tons of podcasts every single day and reading a lot and only now I’m starting to notice just the beginning of that ‘feeling’, but it will definitely require much more time to be sure what sounds natural and what not. Also pay attention that I am Polish so the languages are very similar which is not your case with Japanese. So just be patient and continue:)


Yep, but in French so it’s much, much closer to English.

After a while stuff will just start to feel wrong.

it takes a lot of time to develop that feeling, several hundred hours