Underlining lingqs at vocabulary page

I like reviewing my lingqs directly at vocabulary page. You know, I am learning Japanese now, and it is rather inconvenient that lingqs are underlined.

At my list there is such lingq:

牛 (2) ** うし корова

but with underlining it is shown like

生 (2) ** うし корова
I thought that I had driven crazy, but then I realized that it is just underlining :)))

That’s a good suggestion Rasana. We will add that to our list.

How many lists do you have?

Hopefully you have that old kind of printer paper, where it’s all attached and makes that like loud noise (dot matirix?). Otherwise you’ll have to change the font to something smaller and more difficult to see if you want to fit all of our requests on one page.

By the way, any plans to add Klingon? Or maybe a hiragana version of Italian?