Unclickable words with punctuation marks

There is a bug both in the web version (both new and classic) and the mobile app. When a lesson contains certain punctuation marks such as “…” (note that this is a single Unicode character), the system considers it part of the preceding word, which shows up in the word count, but it is not possible to click on it (the word itself shows up as white).

For example, here: Login - LingQ after clearing up all blue words, the progress bar still shows 3 unknown words. Through the classic mode (Login - LingQ), you can see that those words are actually as follows:

  • 59\
  • battistero…
  • uffizi…

Its the same with Spanish.
If a word have ¿ infront of it, then lingQ wont register it. for examples ¿Sabes, soy un humano?
Then it would not give me the option to press Sabes.

Good to know, thank you :slight_smile:

@JakubMarian That lesson is now fixed. You can post a link to any other lesson with the same problem here or send it to support(at)lingq.com


I don’t know if it’s the same problem, but there’s a lack of spaces in several lessons of this course, like this one:

The words are unclickable. In the edit window, everything is fine.

Zoran, you have to look at the problem in general, not just fix individual lessons. I’ve already done hundreds of lessons where the counter showed blue words despite the fact that there weren’t any.