Unable to share Lesson -> error: asking for 'Category' to be assigned?

Hi Lingq Team / Zoran

Error = “Shelves: All shared lessons must have category”.

Aralin 26 - Pag-arkila ng Sasakyan

26.1 Mga Halimbawang Pangungusap (Pag-arkila ng Sasakyan)

Please can you advise or assist?

Thank you, Frank

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Hi FrankG, I posted a similar thread about being unable to share lessons the other day. I’d been trying to do this within the individual lesson and it wouldn’t let me change from private to shared. I got no error message. - Zoran advised me to email lingq support with URLs with the affected course/lessons

When I went into to edit course, I checked the lessons that were giving me issue and have got the same error message as yourself.

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Thanks for reporting this, we are investigating the issue.

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Hi Zoran / LingQ Team

I haVe created another lesson but unfortunately I am still not able to ‘share’ any new lessons as per original post, and just wondering if you have managed to investigate this further?

Thank you, Frank

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I am wondering the same thing as I have the same issue. Some of my new lessons are able to be shared but most persist with the same error message as above, too.

It seems to be fixed. When I go into the individual lessons that were giving me the same error, I now see there is a “categories” option. Other is the default. I left it as it was and have been able to change my content to “shared lesson”. Hopefully works for you.

Thanks to support team for fixing this


SHARING ISSUE RESOLVED - Thank you very much for sorting this, greatly appreciated :slight_smile: