Unable to import YouTube from iOS

I very often import YouTube videos into Lingq for study by going to YouTube and sharing to the Lingq app. This morning there’s no save or continue button. So I cannot start the import. I have made sure I’m on the latest Lingq version, the latest iOS version, and even rebooted my iPhone in case that might help. Screenshot shown below. I have also tried entering the URL manually starting from the “Import” button on the home Library screen of the Lingq app. Same behavior. The web browser plugin in Firefox Developer 123.0b9 is working fine.

Lingq version: 5.5.1 (5)
iOS: 17.3.1
iPhone 12

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Sorry about that, it’s a bug. We will push a fix shortly.

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It’s fixed now. Thanks for the rapid response. LinqQ v5.5.2 (2)


The same thing is happening to me, both on IOS (Mobile) & Windows platforms. Thanks

What problem exactly do you have?

What version of the iOS app are you running?

Version of IOS app on Ipad: 17.3.1
There used to be a SAVE button, but no more. I have imported over 20 lessons successfully from YouTube prior to a couple of days ago.
Thank you for looking into this.
I tried also on Windows 11 PC… no SAVE button.

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@bvm74cbbs5 We released app version with the fix. We never had that issue on the web, so sounds like you are doing something wrong there. Can you post a screenshot of import page from the web.

I was asking about the version of Lingq you have installed. I too have iOS 17.3.1, but the latest version of Lingq appears to be 5.5.3 (1) on the iPad. You can see that from settings, app tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the dialog. Screenshots are below. I start in the YouTube app, select share, then find the Lingq app to share it. As shown below, I get a save button.

No Save Button.

Ok, just updated the Lingq app on the phone & on my Ipad. I was able to import a YT video & it is in Pending now. The SAVE button is back.
Thank you!