Unable to Import Articles

Not functioning ;/

Sorry about that! We will get it fixed.

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It is also not working for me.

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Me too.

Doesn’t work for me either :sleepy:

Sorry to bump this again, but this topic is really important to me because I got an account with Lingq primarily for this feature, but it is no longer working for me. Furthermore, I would like to share some information that I’ve seen (hopefully it can help).

Attempting to import articles from the feed on LingQ gives a popup that says “This article cannot be imported. Try a different one.”

Attempting to import an article from another website using the web extension gives the error: “Error: Duration: A valid integer is required.”


I have had this problem since yesterday too. It doesn’t work on both my laptop and my iPhone.

You can still import copy-pasted text (using the plus sign in top right corner), hopefully they’ll fix the normal one soon though…


you can use bookmarklet

here is the link.

javascript:var lingq_base_url = %27http://www.lingq.com%27;(function()%7B(function()%7Bvar b=function()%7Bwindow.lingq_bookmarklet%3Flingq_bookmarklet():window.setTimeout(b,500)%7D,c=document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)%5B0%5D,a=document.createElement(“script”);a.setAttribute(“type”,“text/javascript”);a.setAttribute(“src”,lingq_base_url+“/bookmarklet/bookmarklet.js”);c.appendChild(a);b()%7D)()%7D)()

It works after you select the text.
If you use under Chrome, it will show this warning “insecure content blocked”. After you select “load unsafe scripts” it works

This does not fix my problem, as the auto-importer automatically detects Chinese words and puts spaces between them. The spaces are necessary for the programming that make the lessons. Therefore, copying and pasting articles is not a viable fix for this issue (at least for Chinese).