Unable to find records that I have entered into the Vocabulary - Import process

I have been entering records through the Vocabulary - Import process, but I am unable to find them with the Search process. They may be in the database, but I cannot bring them up. Even after waiting for several minutes. I reported this issue on July 2nd. It was resolved on July 3rd and has been fine for two weeks now. But it is back again. What is causing this to happen? Thx.

Did you try to refresh the page before searching? Also, are you sure that you don’t have any filters enabled?

Yes I refreshed the page. And no I had no filters enabled. Was there a server or node that had been shut down? Both instances happened on the weekend.

Does it work properly now? Or do you still have issues?

It works fine today. But what was the cause of the outage?

The problem has come back. This is the third weekend this month! It happens with all 4 of my languages, with both the Google Chrome and Safari browser, and even the IPhone app, and no filters are being used on any of these platforms. So it is obviously something that is originating at LingQ and is not specific to me and my equipment. So what is causing this happen? Is this going to be a permanent weekend feature at LingQ?

@zoran I’m having the same problem: When I try to add a word/phrase to my vocabulary archive via the “Import Vocabulary” button, I get message in green that reads “importing…wait for notification, then view on Vocabulary tab”—but the message never goes away and the term never shows up in my vocabulary list, even when I refresh. At the moment, the only way I can import vocab is via the app on my iPhone, which seems to be working fine.

Yes, the IPhone app now works (2:30 p.m. EST). But the browsers (Google Chrome and Safari) are still an issue.

I have the same problem, with the app on my Android phone as well. Yesterday, not a single vocable was uploaded. Then during the night I was able to upload one word. Today again not a single word. It’s annoying.

This is a big issue, please have it fixed with priority.

I asked our developers to look into this. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you. Today everything works fine.

The browsers that I use (Google Chrome and Safari) are working today.

Hi Zoran. Is there any update on this? Will the process be running properly this weekend?

Everything should be working fine.