Unable to delete courses from my library

Probably not everyone feels this way but I need to have my library organized. When I finish a course, sometimes I want to be able to remove it from my library so I can have only the courses that I am working on displayed. Every time I try remove them, its such a lengthy process, it takes forever and most of the time it doesn’t even delete it. I have to go to edit course and then delete it there and even then sometimes it doesn’t work. I also have published courses and since I made them public, I don’t have the option to remove them. I also have two courses that can’t even be removed. It has no lessons, it says, the course doesn’t even exist yet it stays in my library. Thats probably a glitch.

requesting: Can you guys include an option where we can simply hide the courses we dont wish to see in our libraries. That way I dont have to go through the long process of deleting and I can also hide courses that I have published but don’t wish to have on my library. Thank you.


I also have had this problem. I am wondering if it is effectively a “refresh” problem - where it takes a couple days for the changes to take effect.

When I first read your statement, I thought, “Oh, he doesn’t know that you have to first delete all of the lessons before you delete the course, but it appears you are already aware of that.”

I’ll follow this post to see if someone else finds a solution.



I have still ghost courses in my library and don’t go away.

What I do know is that I click on removing the course and then I wait for all the lessons to be removed. I scroll down to check all lessons I’ve been removed. Then I forget about it and in a couple of days it should be gone.

I also like to keep my libraries clean.

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I had his problem as well. Verrrrry tedious process to remove courses. I detailed my struggles with screenshots and everything. I just went and checked and the courses are finally gone. So I think Eric is correct that it’s a “garbage collection” issue where the deletion occurs but the component doesn’t refresh for days so it still shows up until the “trash” is taken out. Seems weird to do it that way and not communicate that in some way to your user but that appears to be what’s happening.

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