Unable to add my name as the provider

This is a lesson I put into the library yonks ago. For one reason or another I am not shown as the provider, nor could I correct the “No provider” slot. Can you help? Thank you.

P.S. I remember that I once had problems after resetting my German language slot, all my lessons were swallowed by the LingQ provider settings. Could this be the reason for the difficulty I’m facing (not that it is a major difficulty…)?

@SanneT - Are you not shown any providers in the dropdown list on the Edit Lesson page? Also, have you been able to add a new provider via the “+Add Provider” link?

Neither nor. The dropdown list shows only general provider, no names of individual members.

I can add my name as a new provider (by now I appear twice on the page “My providers”), but I do not appear in the drop-down list on the Edit Lesson page.

@SanneT - OK, thanks for the additional information here. The list shouldn’t show specific usernames, as “Shared by” and “Provider” are different. However, it should show any providers that you have created that show up on the list here: Login - LingQ

Would you make sure it appears on this specific page and not just for the English slot?

Hi Alex, now I am totally confused. The list on that page only showed me as a provider - and that twice! I have only ever provided my own material.

At the time of putting the lesson into the library, I had slightly spruced up the original text with the author’s permission, had recorded it, provided the necessary translations and then shared it in the German library, with me as the provider.

In her posting on my wall @Maria2 has given me a clear explanation of what happened to make LingQ the provider. I am just wondering whether this could be reversed, as the whole reset business came about following a new feature in LingQ which had undesired effects…There may be some more German lessons of mine that suffered the same fate, but as I am so disorganised, I couldn’t tell you which ones. I wrote a lot for the library at the time.

@SanneT - There isn’t a quick way to change all your lessons, but you can change the provider for an entire course by opening up a course in the My Imports section, selecting the “Edit Course” option located in the dropdown next to the course title, then changing the provider in the “Change in All” section. If this doesn’t quite make sense, then I can prepare a quick screencast to give you a visual explanation.

@Alex - I think we are not talking about the same thing:

I am concerned about getting back those lessons that were inadvertently ‘hijacked’ by the system, when I first reset German to “0 words known”. A few others and I were of the impression that there would be no other repercussions, but just a different look to the Badge/Avatar. We were wrong! At the time of this unfortunate incident you reinstated quite a few of the lessons to me, but the one quoted above clearly escaped our notice. It is no big deal. I cannot image that there being a run on it and LingQ earning lots of points from my lesson…

(And, as the lesson does not appear on my “My Imports” page, I can’t change the provider from that particular page in the way you suggest. Could its being a single lesson be blamed for all this confusion?)

@SanneT - Ah, I see what you mean. This is one of the reasons that we don’t encourage resetting or deleting of languages. It was a much requested option so we added it, but it isn’t a simple procedure and can have some negative consequences. These lessons must have been shifted to the LingQ_Support account in order to make sure they were still available for LingQ members to study.

What I might recommend, if you are so inclined, is to recreate this lesson and share it again, then let us know and we can unshare the lesson from LingQ_Support. This will ensure you get full credit for the lesson and also receive any future points earned by the taking of the lesson.

What a sensible idea! Should I ever be overcome by the desire to recreate the lesson, I’ll let you know. Thank you.

In the meantime I give you my permission to spend the vast number of points this lesson has surely generated entirely as you like it :))

@SanneT - OK, sounds great. I’m not sure what we’ll do with all the points though… :wink: