Un-highlight tick box

I noticed that some of my level 4 lingQs are no longer highlighted and just have a dotted underline, and yet others still have the yellow highlight. I searched the forum for “highlight” and found a post from mark referring to the “un-highlight” tick box. Unfortunately, I can’t find this tick box. I would like to un-highlight words I know, but I don’t want to erase my lingQ and hint etc. in case I forget the word in the future. Could you please let me know where to find the tick box? Thanks!

The solution, I should think, is that we should figure out why some status 4 LingQs are still shown in yellow! :wink: Does this happen for a lot of LingQs? What browser are you using? If you change the status of the offending LingQ to 1 and save it, then change it again back to 4 does the highlighting disappear? I think it might.

Regarding the “un-highlight” tickbox, that was a feature that caused all highlighting to be removed but was not used much and was removed from the system.

Chaning to 1 and then back to 4 does remove the yellow highlight. I am using firefox 3.5.7 on Windows 7. I also have another machine with XP. I have already fixed the lingQs so I can’t really use the other computer to check if it is different, but if it comes up again, I’ll check with the other computer to see if there is a difference. Thanks!

After closing the lesson (in Japanese) with the repaired lingQs (level 4 highlights removed), I re-opened the lesson and found that only the irst occurence of the word was unhighlighted. The other occurences, although un-highlighted after following your suggested procedure, were now highlighted again. I checked the lesson using my other computer running XP and found the same problem, with both firefox (3.5.9) and IE (8).

Any ideas?

That is strange. We will look into it. Is this happening to a lot of your LingQs? We haven’t had others reporting this so it doesn’t seem to be widespread.

I also see some status 4 LingQs still in yellow, there are not of LingQs that this happens with, so I ignored it (I can only think of 3 offhand that I see often).

I think I reported this long, long time ago. It is a problem since the new the major update in August was released.

By the way, long time ago you said that you’ll offer the option to choose between the new lesson page and the old lesson page design. This would resolve some problems because in the old version you could LingQ words that belongs together like some German verbs vor example. Benny noted this as a problem as you know.

So far, I have only noticed this “bug” (if that’s what it is) in my Japanese readings and I have only just recently started using LingQ to study this language. I only started noticing it now that I am now actually learning the lingQs and moving them into level 4. Also, I only recently became a basic level paying member after LingQ put the restrictions on the number of lessons or uploaded items the free members could have. Prior to that, I was just erasing the lingQs after I downloaded them to my anki flashcard system which I have to admit, I still like better but I do like the integrated aspect of the flashcards and the lingQs that show up in the reading texts feature you offer so I am trying to use the system as designed (except for the writing submissions and conversations). It took a while to flashcard my may up to level 4 on more than just a few words and so I am only now starting to see them in the earlier dialogs I have studied. At the moment, I only have 200 odd known words and about 50 level 4 lingQs out of a couple of hundred lingQs in total. The issue does not occur 100% of the time or with all of the level 4 lingQs but then again, it is hard to tell the exact frequency because the status only shows if you actually make flashcards of the list, or open the lingQ to edit it, or make a list of vocabulary items. But, the list won’t show you what’s highlighted in the readings and the highlighted lingQs in the readings don’t show you the level unless you open the lingQ which is kind of unnecessary unless you want to edit or find out the level, which isn’t my normal focus after the lingQ is created. Anyway, I’ll just keep on lingQing and flashcarding my lingQs and see how it goes. I’m not too worried about the highlights for now but as I get more level 4 words, it may become a nuisance. Thanks for looking into this!