UK General Election 2017

Another story of the night: after 20 long years of hibernation in highland caves, a rare and fearsome beast has awoken from sleep and is a prowling in the glens…

The TARTAN TORY :slight_smile:

I think that no matter what happens now, we call all unite in one collective celebration that Nick Clegg lost his seat.

Oh yeah, I enjoyed that! :smiley:

And I love the fact that Zac Goldsmith booted Miss Toothy-Teeth right back out of Richmond Park - by a few dozen votes. LOL Election Results 2017: Zac Goldsmith retakes Richmond Park - BBC News

Right now…eerrgh…black coffee and headaches are not good bedfellows…:open_mouth:

(Brexit = Norway style deal now, I fear. Hey ho. Ho hum. If that’s a compromise we can all hold hands over and be cool with…y’know I’m a freaking democrat, when all is said and done…)

You were actually quite lucky. My abiding memory of Ontario politics is David Peterson calling an early election and a very pro-business province winding up with a nominal socialist. In reality Bob Rae was relatively centrist, and I didn’t have much problem with him. In fact, he wasn’t left-wing enough for the labour unions who booted him, much to the dismay of my left-wing American professor who had grown up with Reagan and Bush 1.
Ireally wish politicians in parliamentary democracies would learn this simple lesson.

Ok, so May will remain PM. I was starting to think that the Queen herself would have to go and negotiate Brexit.

Yup, we’re over the line - just.

Ah, the DUP…gotta learn to luvum…


Yet again as far as I understand seats and voters do not fit. What exactly is democracy ?

Exactly! It’s politics, we can not actually have genuine people running because they wouldn’t put the higher percent first.

Democracy is a term that is thrown around and disguised as a pure and perfect system. Anyone who slightly criticizes it is automatically deemed against freedom. The problem is that the leaders do not wish to display true democracy, or even let people have that much control. It’s a con to make people think their choices and hopes are being heard and acted on, but in reality the highest // wealthiest percent laugh. We will never have a perfect system.

The UK uses the First Past the Post System First-past-the-post voting - Wikipedia

In case you don’t want to read the wikipedia article, it’s more effective (very rarely needs to form a coalition) and supposedly better for big countries, and countries where there are regionally concentrated minority groups (ex: Scotts). Parties need to win their districts and if they do, the other votes are thrown away and then you get President Trump with his 45% of the vote and Prime Minister Trudeau getting a majority with his 39%.

In small and homogenous countries like the Netherlands it obviously makes more sense to use a Representative system where 1 vote = 1 vote. However, I wouldn’t want Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to rule over Canada…

“Theresa May also says that her new government will ‘provide certainty’, but the longer she hangs on as PM the opposite will be the case. We will have constant speculation about when she’ll go, or be pushed, and who’ll replace her. Mrs May is a lame duck as Tory leader and PM. In politics, especially, you have to know when to leave the stage. At least her predecessor David Cameron understood that, and before him, eventually, so did even Gordon Brown.”–Joe McCarthy

“The DUP backed Brexit in last year’s EU referendum and regards as sacrosanct the UK’s decision to leave.
Sinn Féin has argued that because the Northern Ireland electorate voted by 56% to remain within Europe last year and that the region is the only one with a post-Brexit land border with the EU, the area should have special status.”
DUP leader Arlene Foster vows to bring stability to UK with Conservatives DUP leader Arlene Foster vows to bring stability to UK with Conservatives | General election 2017 | The Guardian

The fact that the Northern Ireland electorate voted by 56% to remain within Europe along with the rivalry between Sinn Féin and the DUP could somehow influence the outcome of the cooperation between the Conservative Party and the DUP.

Thank you for your replies.
Who would care about the voting system if the winners worked for all citizens but they prefer their political side, their geographic area or their own benefit.

The Netherlands are politically homogenous? I don’t think so.
You can combine both voting systems, like here in Germany, where you give one vote to a local candidate and one vote to a party.
No, democracy is not a perfect system, but better than any other existing one.

Yes, rather homogenous in terms of demographics. I don’t really know what politically homogenous means.

Demography of the Netherlands - Wikipedia

The Dutch account for close to 80% of the population. There are Germans and Belgians who form an almost insignificant proportion of the total population and recent years have brought a massive amounts of immigrants who can’t be accounted in for an analysis of First Past the Post VS. Representative Democracy since the political system was chosen prior to their arrival.

If minority populations are spread out the Representative model is also better (in theory) . First Past the Post is for Canada where you have the big majority of the French speaking population in one province or the UK where the Welsh and Scotts live in Wales and Scotland for the most part.


The election was a total bummer
Theresa May’ll be gone this Summer

The only one now steeped in glory
Is the reborn Tartan Tory

Yet when all the shouting’s done
Jeremy Cornyn is not the one

Who will enter Number 10

So will it now be Boris or Dave?
The latter one’s my personal fave.

But either one would have the balls
To make some tough pragmatic calls

In spite of all electoral glitches
Ne’er shall leftist whiney bitches

Rule our green and pleasant land!

Extraordinary piece from The NewYorker! :->

I don’t understand British politics. Didn’t you just have an election? Why are you having another one so soon?

The prime minister wanted to increase her majority.

(It didn’t work out that way, alas…)

"According to the Irish Calendar, summer begins on 1 May and ends on 1 August. "–Wikipedia