UK General Election 2017

So, right out of the blue, we’ve got a snap election here (meaning I probably ain’t going to be around here for the next few weeks.)

It is actually kind of sad, because it means that Jeremy Corbyn, that mighty raging bull of 1970s old-style Socialism, has come to end of the line three whole years prematurely!

Here is a detailed analytical prognosis of the likely outcome for Labour, based on all of the opinion polls from the last 6 months:

¡Caramba! :smiley:

Bummed that Nigel won’t run :frowning:

Very good subject, @Prinz_Brexiteer!

Right now, in order to boost my English, I’m watching an very entertaining video about this issue:

By the way, could you explain what’s going on - why are they screaming?

“So, right out of the blue, we’ve got a snap election here (meaning I probably ain’t going to be around here for the next few weeks.)”

What do you mean?

You will be campaigning so much in Britain you won’t have time to be here on the forum?
You will be out of the UK for the foreseeable future, at least the next few weeks?
Some other explanation I haven’t thought of?

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Um, it was an off the cuff remark…

(Let’s say, I’m a politics junkie - that means I’m right off the waggon right now! :-D)

“…By the way, could you explain what’s going on - why are they screaming?..”

Alcohol, most likely!

The upside is: it means he’ll still be winding up the unsmiling grey-suits at the EU Parliament :slight_smile:

They always scream in the UK. I think it has something to do with clapping being frowned upon. They scream “Yeaaaaah” when someone of their party speak and “Noooooo / Whoooooo” when someone of an opposing party is speaking.

Just like children.

True. I love those youtube clips.

I heard that this election is to give credibility to May so that she can start a purge of the “remain” tory members… does that make sense to you?

“Alcohol, most likely!”

That’s maybe true - as they say in Latin, ‘In vino veritas’.

Dude, did you hear the Corbyn said something about the election? Damn, next May will say something about the election in response and probably Sturgeon and Farage will tweet something about it after that. It’s all heating up!!!

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Forget British politics and have a listen to this VA - Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk, Folk and Psych of the 60s and 70s (2010) FULL ALBUM - YouTube

Can’t you be a politics junkie and a Silberfuchs at the same time? Now that the time is ripe, think carefully.



We cannot have this!!!

Somebody help us!!!


My friend with whom I grew up with will vote for the Tories just before moving back home to Quebec.
(Not that this will change anything, but it might cheer you up!)

Also, the polls for Canada, the US, and the UK aren’t that useful since if you win 1 county (or state) the other votes basically don’t count. You can get a majority in parliament with 39% (Ie, Justin Trudeau) while the second-best gets nothing at 33%.

According to John Rentoul (himself a centre-left commentator) the shocking Yougov prediction is pure bull.

Still, I can tell you that the British right is as jittery as hell right now! :-0

Basically, we put Brexit on the double zero and span the wheel! If we win, the remainist blob will be smashed forever. But if we LOSE, yeah well, then we get a minority government of 1970s-style Socialist fruitcakes propped up by a few pro-EU quislings! (=Brexit will be toast!)

(If that happens, I might just have to move to join you guys in Canada…!)

Feel confident! And meanwhile, improve your Russian and French with these videos:

Today is the day!

Either glorious victory or total catastrophic defeat awaits the British Right! :-0

(I don’t have a great feeling, to be honest. I will not be sleeping tonight!)

Is Boris Johnson running?

Hopefully you guys get a reverse Trump where the longshot leftist surprises everyone.