[UI bug] when changing from sentence mode to lesson edit and back, currency is lost

Another bug due to unmentioned changes and probably unintended side effects. Some change caused the current sentence while studying a sentence to be lost if one dares to do a “edit lesson”. When returning with “view lesson” the current line that I was working on briefly shows and is immediately replaced by the first sentence of the lesson.

This error occurred at the same time of the tabbing error from definition to note. Apparantly someone is testing their change on production. You might want to start testing user interface before implementing in production.

Can you please repair the error?

Also, please leave off the non-committal answers and just check how and when it will be repaired. I have seen enough of “we will look into it.” without any further comment or correction. How about “we confirm the error and will have it fixed by wednesday.”? Or ask, if something is not clear.

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Thanks, we will have that fixed.

Hi @gbonnema!
Do you mean that when you are on a certain sentence in the Sentence View mode, then open the Lesson Editor, perform some changes and then return to the Sentence View (by clicking on the “View Lesson” button), you are relocated to the first sentence of the lesson (instead of the sentence you were at)?

Yes, that is what I mean. In sentence mode, I do “edit lesson” and when I return most of the time I briefly see the sentence I was on, it is immediately overwritten by the first sentence of the lesson. So, yes, that is what I mean. Sometimes this even happens with “edit sentence”, after having waited a while, it loses currency on which sentence it was in.

The problem seems to have been partially solved. If a word is selected when doing “edit lesson”, the current sentence currency is maintained. However, if no word is selected, like when you just went to the next sentence, the “edit lesson” returns “view lesson” to the first line in the lesson.