[UI bug] From definition to notes not longer a tab away

A while now the tab from definition no longer goes to notes, but to menu options (the ones one usually clicks with the mouse)., As tabbing to menu options every word I am analyzing makes no sense, I would like to restore the situation where I could tab to notes (from definition).

Could you please repair this user interface bug?

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Thanks, we will look into it.

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This afternoon I noticed you changed the tabbing function. Unfortunately, now I have to tab across irrelevant fields that stay visible (dictionaries and proposed translations). By the time my definition is being filled, these fields have no role. In the past they would be invisible (unfortunately still tab-able). My request is:

  1. Could you please make the fields between definition and notes both invisible and non-tab-able, so that I can reach notes from definition without having to tab through fields I cannot see?

  2. Could you please make the menu options non tab-able by definition? When I am analyzing words, menu options are irrelevant. Only when I stop reading, do I click (with the mouse) the menu options. to navigate the lessons.

EDIT: this was probably a one-off as it is clearly back to not being able to get to notes through the tab. Still, above requests are valid and real. Please, take them into account when fixing this.

P.s. when are you going to fix it? I.e. is there an ETA?

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Well, any progress? I have not noticed any. Please make tabbing from definition to notes feasible again. I still have to grab the mouse for every new word. It would save me a lot of time.

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