Typo in Lingq mini stories tarina 1

  1. name of course: Lingq mini stories
  2. name of lesson: tarina 1
  3. sentence as written: Kyllä, Mika aja autollaan töihin. (question 3)
  4. corrected sentence: Kyllä, Mika ajaa autollaan töihin.
    Verb conjugation error (causes wrong description for aja)

Thanks, fixed!

I have a question: is it of any use to comment on tts pronunciation? I don’t know if you guys control that. I sometimes come across words that are being pronounced according to puhekieli (speech-language) while it is written in kirjakieli (booklanguage, the official Finnish language).

For example, all tts replays of “kahdeksan” (eight) come back as “kaheksan”. In the number lessons for the “real” beginners, in stead of saying for example “viisikymmentä” (50) the tts might say “viiskyt” which is puhekieli. The exact occurrence I would have to look up.

So I wonder if you guys have control over the tts voice.