Typing out bits of books

I’ve got an audio book which I really like (it’s in German), I have the printed book but no e-text. I’m considering typing the first chapter out and importing it into LingQ as a German lesson. Do you think this is a good idea or is it a rather sad waste of my time?

The way I see it, the advantages are: practising typing German (I don’t get much practice so I’m very slow), practising spotting spelling mistakes (I’m amazed at how many I make), getting a favourite book to use in LingQ. The main disadvantage is that it’s slow and a bit boring.

If I were you, I would be afraid by the breadth of this work.
In order to have it as a Lesson on LingQ, I would rather scan and turn it into an e-text.
In this case you could practice your writing on a shrinking text, choosing the phrases that interest you more, maybe adapting them to your own sake.
In my opinion this way would be less boring and more effective

I am not shure if the audio book is copyright free.
The next point is, that we, Vera and I, are native speaker and have again and again a few mistakes in our German text.
I think an imported text in a language part in LingQ should be correct and as possible without mistakes.

sorry Helen, I read wrong, I see you have the printed book!

Then it is important how old the writer is. First after 20 years (ore more - Vera know it exactly) is a writing copyright free.

Oh, I don’t mean to share, just for my personal use. But you are quite right about the age of the book being important - because of the recent spelling reforms!

I can be a good exercise. I have myself copied an entire textbook in Russian - partly because it was a library book which I couldn’t keep forever (and more people were on the waiting list), and partly to learn how to type in Cyrillic.

I’m sorry for my ignorance, but what does it mean “e-text”? I couldn’t find this word in any dictionary…

Hi Helen, typing a whole book in my opinion is not valuable. Typing some parts of a book or a short dialog could be useful. I do this with some short french dialogs. I would do like Monica recommend: Scanning and using a programm wich change it automatically into text.

Sorry vor my misunderstanding, Helen.

What I am doing is:
To use the vocabulary and then only saving the unknown words with the sentences.

Hi Sv… E-text is just an eletronic or digital version of a text… This is the abbreviated form of “eletronic text”… Bye, Deyvidturbo

Thanks for helping, Deyvidling and Monica )))

Our scanner is broken or I would most certainly use it :frowning:

My husband says that if he stands by the office scanner and scans “Der Fall Jane Eyre” someone is going to notice and have words. I thought I might type up just half of the first chapter. I did that once with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but I was only seven at the time and I was easily entertained.

Oh! I remember how I and my sister typed the first and last chapters of “The two captains”. We were about 10-13 years old. And we had a book without beginning and ending. So we took the book on the library and began to type it on the typewriter… We did not finish even the half of work :slight_smile: As there was a summer and we had a lot of other interesting things to do :)))

In this situation the first step I would do: searching the Internet. I know that in Germany copyrights are not neglected, but anyway there is a small chance to find the text on the web. If you sometimes will want to type some Russian book, search it in Internet, and if this book is rather popular, you definitely will find it :wink:

The chance to find it on the internet is very low because German law’s for copyright are very strict. The chance to find an audiobook on an illegal website is greater than to find a text, because an audio is easier to copy than a text. But I never searched for such scripts, so my knowledge is low on this subject.

Naturally I wouldn’t dream of infringing German copyright laws or do anything that was naughty in any way :-0

In any case, I’ve already searched the internet and failed to find any e-Texts in German. In Russian, as Rasana says, well…it seems to be easier to find a pirate version than to buy a legal version!