Typing errors

When reading the content about “la préhistoire” in the heading " histoire de France", I noticed some typing errors. Here are the proofreadings.
line 5: il suffisait
line 20: les garçons
line 34: les garçons - les laissa
line 46: à eux quatre
line 48: des hommes

Sorry for all the annoyances


But Serge, you are the owner of that item. Why don’t you just go in and fix them?


On the other hand we appreciate the effort of our members in creating content for us and we will just have to find the time to go in and correct the typing errors. It is quite a time consuming task but one that we just have to do.

Hi Mark,

Just because I had tried someday to change something in one of my content titled “premier saut”, and I did not succeed. But I have just corrected the above-mentionned typing errors. I think all is in order now.