Two words in a row are marked as known after I press K

It happened for the first time tonight, twice during this session. What happens is:

  1. I select a yellow word
  2. press K (then the word turns white)
  3. Immediately, I press right arrow, to proceed to the next yellow word. The next yellow word is selected… Then also converts to white, without having press K or anything.

I suspect the problem will only happen if you don’t wait too long before jumping from word to word. However, I would’nt say I go that fast. It’s probably related to this bug fix:, which maybe created another glitch. I’m a web developer too, it happens all the time.

Note that I only use the keyboard.

You’re right about, I’ll report this and it should be fixed soon. It does only happen if you jump on next word to soon, if you wait only 1-2 seconds longer, everything is fine.
Thanks for reporting this!