Two-way multiple choice


I like using the “multiple choice” option to learn vocabulary. However, it only goes one way: you get the words in the target language and get 4 options in your translations. While I still think this is good to recognise words, I also think you should be able to do the reverse as well.

You get your translation and then 4 options in the target language to choose from. For me, instead of merely recognising the words, you need to understand the differences between the options and think of the right translation.

Could this be implemented, please?

Hi PJDesseyn,
Thanks for your suggestion. For now we are not going to change anything related to Multiple Choice or any other test since we have lot of other stuff in line first on both new site and apps. But we will keep your suggestion in mind and once we have more time, we will see what we can do to about your request.