Two speeds - two lessons?

In the Spanish library I came across a few texts which were read very slowly at the beginning and then at a normal speed at the very end (sometimes the readings were separated by detailed explanations). I like the idea of two speeds (and of the explanations) and wonder whether there should be two lessons made out of them. The explanations seem aimed at a higher level - and so might not be of interest to the lower level learner - and the slow reading of the original text might put more advanced learners off during the audio “preview” in the library. I’ve put a note about the two speeds onto some of the descriptions, but I don’t think that it is ideal. (In Russian, Mikola was very kind and provided a slow and a second fast version of the story about Jessica. It worked very well.)

I think this is a great idea. I hope we keep all explanations in the target language so as not to interfere with our word count. We do not have the ability to vary the speed of our sound bar, although this is on our list, somewhere. So in the meantime, delivering variable speed sound or two versions of the same content, one slower than the other, is a good solution.