Two of the best new resources for language learning

You know, I have been thinking about the two of the best new resources for language learning. The first, of course lingq. We all know and talk about this system quite a bit, so I want to share with you what i think is the second best resource. Google.

Google is a great service (and a great company to work for according to my friend who works there) that can easily be used to go beyond simple net searching.

I use google when I am writing to check simple mistakes… for example in japanese で、 に、は、が etc. I just type in a little bit of what i want to say and see how natives are using the language. But going beyond the checking, I end up finding a lot of new and interesting collocations (word relationships) Now this doesn’t lock it in my brain, but it is really reinforced when i find similar collocations in my readings and listening.

But lately, I have been using google for another great purpose. I learned a great new word on a lesson I found at lingq… and i wanted to see more examples of the word in use. So i went to google and searched for it and found many examples. But it wasn’t too effective. So I put in the word, followed simply by a subject i am very interested in, say fashion for example. I ended up finding a really interesting message on a message board on the subject… I imported it into Lingq and learned a lot of great words. Some of these words are at a very high level, and I could have never ever learned them had I found them 100 times in a textbook, or an irrelevant article. I really believe that if you follow your own interests deeply enough that you are going to pick up a lot of language which can easily be transfered to other, seemingly unrelated fields. For example, if i study fashion deep enough, I am going to indirectly pick up vocabulary which i can use in business, art, literature, history etc.

Not only that I found an interesting message board which I am still reading, and starting to participate in myself!

So learn to also make google a good friend in your language studies! import what you find into lingq and have fun!

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Good tip, Valina! Google is a great resource for language learners.

This good tip deserves a rerun.

Hi Val
Would you like to share the link to that language forum? it might help others.