Two Months with LingQ and Norwegian

Purpose/Background: See old thread (First Two Weeks With Both Lingq And Norwegian, A Report. ...)

B2 level Norwegian through reading Harry Potter. Initially I will be reading only then I will start listening to the audio after a sufficient base of vocab has been established. I plan on starting my speaking around 5k+ words. I dont have a timeframe I want to accomplish this in, I just want to enjoy the journey.

The second month:
This month was more challenging as I had vacation for one week and then spent the subsequent week in vacation depression (:P) so my progress for about two weeks has been significantly less than before. I am only now starting to ramp up my expectations for myself again. That being said, significant progress was still made.

I am around halfway through the second Harry Potter book and my stats are:

Words Memorized: 4754 (+1984, +41%)
Lingqs: 11868 (+4190, +35%)
Words Read: 131,366 (+43,751, +33%)

Ratios (rounded)-
Known/Lingqs- 1:2.5 (down by .5)
Known/Read- 1:27 (down by 3)
Linqs/Read: 1:11 (same)

A summary of the last two weeks:
I struggle with writing these statistics but then I remind myself that I’m in this for the journey, not because I want to be fluent in 90 days or something like that. I was killing it right up until I left on vacation and then I took my daily requirement to the minimum to keep my streak. I am upping it today back to normal so we’ll see how that goes.

Here are some observations I’ve made:

  1. After vacation, starting to pick up back to my pre-vacation pace, I have discovered that I have not regressed in my ability to read. There are some words that are recognized more on instinct now than before my vacation.

  2. The words that I have forgotten are now more solid in my mind. This seems to anecdotally confirms what Steve has talked about in his videos on the necessity of forgetting to learn.

  3. I have gotten paper copies of the books that I am listening to the audio on. This seems to have actually helped me learn vocabulary when not having lingq to back me up. Because of the reinforcement with lingq, taking away the training wheels from time to time is helpful into allowing your brain to show you what it’s done.

I will report back in a month. I am hoping to finish the second Harry Potter book before my next report in a month. I still haven’t started speaking yet, will think about that after a full 90 days.

Sorry for the shorter post, but I will hopefully have much more to say in another month :slight_smile:

Tusen takk, LingQ!

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Nice job, keep the updates coming!


I have also noticed after a vacation or much diminished pace that I’ve not lost progress (even in the early stages). Sometimes, even, some words will have become more solid in my understanding…really “sinking in”. So to some degree I think there is something to giving the mind a rest occasionally. You get this when sleeping, but perhaps sometimes a couple of days, or even a week or couple of weeks may be good. Always good if going on a nice vacation just to clear the mind of the feeling of being required to do something and just letting the mind relax and recover.

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I love to hear about your progress! Keep keeping us in the loop!

I’m making a post for later today :slight_smile: