Two extremely important questions about LingQ

I have two questions about LingQ. :slight_smile:

  1. What kind of words does the word “LingQ” come from?
  2. How is it pronounced?

I think it’s pronouced “Link”

It is may be the short form of linguistics questions

At the entrance page there is such words (I don’t remember them exactly, and I don’t want to log out :)) )
~ we LingQ (link) you to language, we LingQ you to language enthusiast’s community, but we don’t LingQ you to a classroom.
Something like that. I really liked this wordplay when I saw LingQ for the first time.

Pronounced link. We were looking for a simple name. “Ling” is from lingua, linguistics etc, Q just adds the “k” sound. The idea is that language learning all about linking words, meaning, sounds, and eventually creating linked networks in our brains. We were hoping the strange looking word would stand out and not be easy to forget.

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when they started their lingQ
they 're sure how we’ll think
"look at this! what’s for it stands?
it’s a link to lot of friends!

And that is perhaps the most important link of all, the links between our community members of different ages and backgrounds from all over the world!!! ?Good point infosim12.

I personally like the pronunciation ‘Link-you’ better than ‘Link’. Just my thought.

A number of people have said that. What to others think?

link-you sounds great as well
just as good as jingle bell
skype you friends and send them mail
linked with them you’ll never fail

Don’t forget that the “ling” also comes from The Linguist, the sites previous incarnation. And Vincent, feel free to call it “Link-you” especially when you are telling your friends about it…it will help them remember the url, which is all that really matters. :wink:

it’s nice that the capital ‘Q’ is a kind of cartoon speech bubble as well. I prefer the “link” pronunciation BTW

ThangQ you for replying to my questions. :slight_smile:

Or, thanQ for your replies. :slight_smile:

I sometimes cannot stop myself from feeling that the poor letter “g” in “LingQ” might be worrying about his or her existence and identity between “n” and “Q”.

Don’t worry “gees” are tough.

Am I right in thinking that the word “LingQ” is just a logo or something?
Now I understand that we do not have to decipher the exact meaning of the word, and everyone can play “gee-gee.”