Since I’ve been let loose on Twitter, I have become an addict. I now would like to have a LingQ Twibbon. Are there any plans for creating one?

At the moment, for lack of a LingQ twibbon, I have added a Spanish one.

Is the following service what you mentioned?

I’m not sure what a Twibbon is? Can you explain a little more about what you mean? Also, as a Twitter addict ;-), if you have any suggestions about how we can use Twitter better at LingQ or if you can help us spread the word about LingQ through Twitter better, that would be great. Let us know what you need or what we should do.

A Twibbon is a banner for any Twitter avatar, I now have one which supports Spanish libraries. I liked the look of the design! If you look for #twibbon at Twitter, you can find out more.

Some of the LingQers I follow have linked their LingQ activities to Twitter. I don’t do it as I find it a bit boring to read who has done what, but at least it’s one way of spreading the word, albeit a bit monotonous.

Some of us write about LingQ in our tweets: I tend to do it judiciously as to not get on people’s nerves. Mine is the stealth and steady-drop method of proselytising.

As we tend to post our blogs (well, I admit I have only done it today for the first time), LingQ is bound to get noticed through those as well.

If I see a particularly interesting mention of LingQ among my tweets, I shall retweet it immediately as of now.

This kind of splatter approach will have effect if enough people do it. I shall now go back and retweet Vera’s and Helen’s recent tweets if I have not already done it.

I know there are some kind of websites who promise you more followers if you would only join them, but I don’t know whether that’s reliable and not a scam.

Sorry, I had not seen Yutaka’s mail. Yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind!

Another tip: If we have a public list of LingQ_Central on our profile, people might want to have a look at it. I have just set up just such a list.

Thanks, SanneT. We’ll look into all that stuff. Any more tips are always welcome.