Twenty five most important words

In my vocabulary I cannot see the plus sign on the 25 most important words. Also, these words do not show up in the right pane of the writing exercise window – there is no priority words list.

You see them it the bottom of a page when you write something (at least I do). Select all, then click Flashcards.

At the bottom I see

“Select a word or phrase and click the blue LingQ! button to look up and save a term”, and on the right, SELECT: ALL NONE… SELECT: FLASHCARDS PRINT

When I select ALL, nothing happens, and select FLASHCARDS it takes me to a new page titled “flashcards” but it is empty.

I am on the Free account and that feature may not be available.

That is very strange and should not have anything to do with your membership level. Can you send some screenshots of your Vocabulary and Submit Writing pages to That will help us figure out the problem a little better. Also, include which browser you are using.

I am communicating with them. Just a guess, but I am a new user, and there may be a problem with the user profile. They may have recently upgraded the software and works ok for existing users, but a problem with new users.

Actually, we have not updated anything in quite a while. We are going to be making an update in the next week or so. We are not aware of anyone else having this problem except you. This is not something that affects our new users but seems to be a problem in your account.
We are hoping the problem will be fixed by our next update.