Tutors shouldn't correct writings which are submitted to another tutor

Yesterday I submitted a writing to my tutor David. I was very surprised receiving a correction from another tutor. I’m sure that the tutor did his best. The problem is that the subject that I’ve discussed in this writing was dedicated to my tutor because we spoke about this subject last week.

As far as I know tutors shouldn’t take writings that are submitted to other tutors. After 2 days other tutors can pick writings if they are still not corrected.

Maybe there should be a warning if a tutor takes a writing that is not submitted to him.

Unless specified in the title, tutors should not take writing submitted to other tutors until it is 24 hours old. In this case, it was taken before that time was up.

We will be changing the system so that tutors can only correct writing submitted to them. There will no longer be the option for tutors to take others writing. This is a future change. Learners will be alerted if their writing is taking too long to come back to them so they can go and change their corrector.

Thank you Mark. The alert is a good idea!