Tutors meeting

We had lots of participation in our skype meeting with tutors this morning. Skype can now handle up to 24 people at the same time!! More meetings are planned to accommodate all the different times zones.

I really appreciate the tutors putting up their times, even though we have few people signing up. We need to keep doing it.

We also welcome more tutors, especially in languages other than English. We have a good number now in Japanese. I am working to increase the number in other languages. The problem is that we are in a chicken and egg situation. Without enough tutors and time slots people do not sign up. If not enough people sign up, the tutors stop putting up their time slots. But we will keep going until we achieve a critical mass.

In each chicken and egg situation we have to try the one and the other.

I know the situation with more participans in an event from other places I was before I learned known LingQ.
In my opinion the number of participants should not be higher as proximately six and a leader. The leader have to look for each member to give him or her chance to speak.

And, how more number of members, how more discipline is needed and the leader has a strong task :slight_smile:

I agree. For learning a language 4 learners is the maximum. However, for a meeting like our tutors meeting I think things went quite well with a larger group.

Yes Steve and we could see it functioned when all have discipline and a good driver :slight_smile:

Gee, more than four in an skype section???
This sounds like crazyness for me… rssss…

Ana, it isn’t crazy, it is interesting!
Don’t mix up, it is not thought for learning language events how we have. That could be for meetings. But how I mentioned before, such meetings need a good leader :slight_smile: