Tutors for writing corrections

I’m quite surprised about the tutor list for corrections in different languages. Is there a bug that people set up as a tutor or why do so many people think they can correct writings in a language that is not their native language? I checked some profiles and sometimes they consider themselves as Beginner or Intermediate. Sometimes “No knowledge” is set (maybe they set it not correct).
I have no problems with tutors if they want to make corrections in their native language. But I cannot imagine why people feel that they can correct writings in a language where they are still learners. What a self confidence! I think it is difficult to correct writings in my native language! I never met someone with another native language who wrote nearby without errors.
I think a conversation with a non native speaker could be great for a beginner if the tutor has the same native language. But I think as long as there are enough native speakers it shouldn’t be possible to correct writings in a foreign language.
I remember that I read forum posts from a German teacher and he made a lot of errors. I asked myself, how he would correct writings of his students.
By the way, in which orders tutors are shown on the writing page?

We, too, are quite surprised at the number of people who are offering to correct writing in a language other than their native language. We don’t want to prevent this since there will be non-native speakers that are able to do this well. However, we will be bringing in refinements to help people identify native speakers. The correctors who have corrected the most writings are shown in the writing corrector popup by default. Then, as you choose correctors, if they are different than the original 5, the original 5 are gradually replaced by the correctors you choose. On the Friends search page, if you search for writing correctors in a particular language, they are shown in order of Activity Score.

Thank you Mark for pointing this out.

I think the problem is in the title of a setting.
At the Settings page we have the following:
“Tutor Settings
Want to tutor on LingQ? Choose language and skill to tutor?
Tutor languages |Russian|
Writing languages |Russian|”

It seems, not everybody understands what “Writing languages” is. I suppose, they think that this setting is both for correcting and submitting writings, that’s why they set English. This week-end I am going to translate it. I think, I will translate it as “Correcting languages”.

That’s a good suggestion. It’s hard to come up with a short description that is clear enough. Correcting language makes sense. I’ll change that.

Tutoring is comprised by hosting discussions or correcting texts. So I think that the current labels are a bit inconsistent. It seems that ‘Tutor languages’ is different than ‘Writing languages’.
Perhaps it would look better as:

Want to tutor on LingQ?
Host conversations in |Russian|
Correct submissions in |Russian|
or Correct submitted text in |Russian|

*Correct writing submissions

I like it ktm. Let’s go with “Host conversations in:” and “Correct writing in:”.

@Rasana and ktm - Those changes have now been made. I think it’s clearer.