Tutoring in Other Languages at LingQ

I’ve noticed that several active members speak languages that I am learning, but these languages are not yet offered at LingQ. I wonder if tutoring could be offered in any native language, if the natives are willing. I’ve noticed that we have people who could correct writing in Dutch (no special script needed), Hebrew, Korean, and Arabic.

Well, maybe you would need ë for Dutch, but most of the other special accent marks are in other languages already here.

I could help you with Dutch. I could create an English conversation, but we could speak Dutch instead.

We encourage all kinds of interaction between our members. directly or through our scheduled discussion formats. I see no reason why Vincent could not offer Dutch discussions, and clearly identify them as such.

The reason we are hesitating to add more languages is not because of any inherent difficulty. It is just the fact that we know from experience that each language will bring with it its problems. We want to stay focused on things that will be the experience for existing users more satisfactory and changes that will bring in more traffic, more members, including paying members.

I am as keen as anyone to add languages. We just have to wait for now.

Thank-you for your replies. Actually, I’m just interested in writing now. Would it be okay to send writing?
I have points to spend…

Sure do! I’d love to correct your writings!

If anyone’s interested, I have created a discussion (English) on the 13th of March! Please sign up if you want to improve your Dutch!

That’s great, Vincent. I recommend you add to your profile description and mention that you are interested in correcting and tutoring Dutch. Otherwise, you may very well get English submitted to you.

I think it’s more the case that Dutch and other languages are not currently SUPPORTED by LingQ. In other words, Vincent can offer conversations in Dutch, that’s a matter between him and his students, but you’ll all have to figure out for yourselves which online dictionaries to use. Also, If you create LinQs of Dutch words you may cause problems until Mark sets up a separate Dutch database. I daresay, until Mark has that sorted out, there are other online vocabulary trainers you could use for learning Dutch.

I’m just interested in sending texts to be corrected, not creating LingQs in Dutch, but I see your point.

I think that the main problem in using LingQ for Dutch is that your database my be lost when we actually set up Dutch. Babylon supports Dutch and so does google translate.

There are now so many tutors shown for English. It would be helpful for intermediate and advanced learners if there were an option to select only native speakers. Or you should point out in another way which tutors are native speakers.

The more tutors we have, the more I wish to have the possiblity to search for available conversations by a time slot. It is annoying to click on so many tutors to see that there are no times that I can make. I have to click on “1 on 1 conversation” for each tutor to see the times. That is not convenient. Are there changes planned?

We will continue improving this page over time. Thanks for the suggestions.