Tutorial View, a quick thank you

I wish I were new to LingQ!

The tutorial view is such a great introduction for anybody new to the site (and perhaps a quick reminder for some of us how to get the best out of LingQ?).

While I am singing your praises, I also did some QuickLingQing for the first time in ages - I was bored, you see. What, I hear you say, bored when you have LingQ? - it seems so much clearer. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks Sanne. We hope that it makes it easier for people to get started. It should also make it easier to coax your friends to get started at LingQ.

I use QuickLingQ when I have heard something that I mostly understood and just want to get some of the words. This is often the case on Echo Moskvi , my Russian radio station. I think I would use QuickLingQ a lot if I get back to German, which I would like to do.