Tutor Page--"Today's Reports"

Hello! On the Tutor Page under “Today’s Reports” there is a long list of all the conversation reports and progress reports that have been sent or are pending. Why do I have reports that are on their 216th day, for instance, that still say “Pending” even though I always send a report? All of the conversation reports say “pending” except for a couple which say “sent?” The list keeps getting longer and longer and it is annoying to have all of them there, especially when they are not really “pending.” I have tried to delete them but have been unsuccessful. How do I get rid of them?

Sounds strange. These must be reports that were not sent. Are these conversations that students missed? If so, tick the “Did not attend” box and send the report back.

Thanks Mark. I don’t remember not sending all those reports as that is always the first thing I do. Anyway, I just sent them with a “disregard” message.

I have another question regarding this ‘pending’ list. When a member enrol in a course, and it is time for him or her to write, it appears on the list. Whether the member write a sample on it or nothing, it’s there until he or her send effectively the writing. What happen if the member never send this writing? If it stays on the list, soon that ‘pending’ list will become long.

Well…I don’t have a good answer for that. Message your student and get them to write! :slight_smile:

If they still don’ t write, can you send it back anyway with no text and no corrections.

I have another question. I have a conversation report that I have not sent to a learner. It is 168 days old. I did not send it because I was the one who missed the class because of my bad internet connection. I did not want to send him a report saying “you missed the class.” I want to delete it from my list. Is there anything I can do?

Same with this problem. We don’t have a way to delete these reports at the moment so you can either leave it there forever or send it back with a message in the Comments box explaining that they should ignore the report.

We hope to improve this interface someday but I can’t say when.

OK. I will just leave it until you implement a delete button.