Tutor information

I haven’t yet put in an invoice for converstaions and corrections completed. Where do I find invoice format information and appropriate emails for customer service? I emailed the office for an excel form by searching for info in this forum. Is the tutor blog the best source for this information? Is there an update for the tutor manual?

Thanks for your help.

I believe that there is a format in the tutor’s manual. Mark is out of communication for two days.

In any case you should just indicate the time, the nature of the work completed, the number of minutes of discussion, words of writing and provide a total. Put it in an email and send it to customerservice.

Maybe other tutors have some suggestions.

Liz, I will email you a format I have!


Is “customer service” the same as the lingQ support address which sends me reminders?

Yes. You can reach Mark via the support address.