Tutor Availability (French)

I’m trying to book a native French speaker as a Tutor but not a single one has any availability until mid-Sept ‘23. Each tutor’s calendar I open then has availability from the same week in September onwards. There must be a problem with the booking system?

We are looking into the issue. Thanks for reporting.

This still isn’t fixed. Can I get an update please.

It’s not fixed yet, unfortunately. Our developers are familiar with the problem and are looking into it.

Thanks for raising this issue. I am trying to book a native French tutor too.

I started trying to make an appointment two weeks ago. I thought my tutor was taking the summer off. (As I understand it, the French do have a tradition of taking off August.)

But then I started checking other French LingQ tutors and I saw it was the same story.

I’m disappointed, but I also note that this bug is costing LingQ tutors two weeks of paid work and counting. I respect the LingQ tutors want to see them treated well.

What’s the ETA on a fix?

Is there some workaround in the meantime?

Our team is looking into this and we expect to push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you. I am waiting too.

This is a serious LingQ problem which has existed for quite some time - not only for French tutors but English tutors too - me!

I’ve experienced problems tutor availability in the past. I found that changes to my availability were not being saved correctly in LingQ. Students couldn’t book conversations with me at the times we agreed because I available times I set were not those the students saw.

I contacted LingQ and it took roughly a month before it was solved.

More recently, on 6 June 2023, I found that changes to my schedule were being displayed correctly in the tutor listing but whenever interested students wished to actually book a lesson, the available hours displayed suddenly changed. They could not book the hours I had made available.

I wrote to Zoran on two weeks ago, 3 July 2023 and he answered on 9 July 2023 that “I reported the issue to our development team and they are looking into it. We will have it fixed.”

The problem is now huge because it appears out-of-the blue I am no longer available at all on any day at any time - ever again - from tomorrow onwards.

At least the French tutors are available again mid-September onwards. I am simply no longer available - ever - according to LingQ.

I will disappear from the tutor list due to having no availability whatsoever - through no fault of my own.

Zoran, this has taken more than 2 weeks to solve.

  1. When will this problem be fixed?
  2. What is the workaround for students wishing to book French tutors - and in my case, an English tutor?

We made a progress working on this issue and identified problems and hopefully, that will allow us to push a fix very soon. Our team is looking into it daily. We apologize for any inconvenience,

@zoran – One French tutor is now showing up as available for July. However the others, including my tutor, Angel72, are not.

Does she need to reinstall her data so she will show up as available? Are you in communication with the tutors? I’d like to talk to Angel72 again.

This seems like it should be a straightforward matter of database calls.

We are still working on the issue and we are doing our best to have it back to normal as soon as possible. Sorry about the delay.

French tutors still unavailable for current bookings. Their availability has shifted from the last week of September to the second week of October.

Likewise the one tutor who could be booked currently, but whose booking window is now October too.

Considering this feature worked once, I’m surprised it’s taking so long to fix. Is LingQ really working on this bug?