Turning off the LingQ's

Hi, I’ve been using LingQ a while now and one big problem I have is that whenever I’m reading an article I tend to get distracted by the LingQs and also the blue unknown words and find myself just clicking on each one in succession which then takes away from my reading of the actual article.
Is there any way to toggle between having the words that are LingQ’s shown and having just the lesson shown without any LingQ’s shown.

I’m not sure about turning them off; however, what I like to do is use the arrow keys to skip to the next LingQ instead of clicking whilst i’m reading. It’s quite taxing to look and click on each word (as I used to do). In addition to this if I encounter a word that is familiar, say a conjugated verb, I will simply click enter and on the first popular definition and move on. Or even remove the definition altogether. I’ll add it later when something doesn’t make sense in context. This might make reading a bit more fluent.

On the web version at the top right of the reader is a “button” that says “Full Text”. If you press that, the text will appear in a pane on the right hand side of the screen.

I think the only way to get rid of them…is to learn them!

The best thing to do in your case, would be to go with @Ericb100 suggestion. Just activate Full Text option and read the text there.

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