Turn off Automatic status upgrade on Flashcards

Hey guys,

I wanted to see if there was a way to Turn Off the automatic upgrade after guessing the word correctly two times. While the flashcards aren’t the main thing I study, I like to study them every morning on the metro on the way to work, and the way home. But on the way to work, I study them from the Target language to English, and on the way home, I do the reverse. It seems the cards get upgraded twice after I study them both times. But then the system thinks I’m learning the word more, but I still want it to think I have a low level of the card so that it repeats again.

So in other words, I want the cards to go up 1 level after studying them two different times. I figured maybe I could turn the automatic upgrade off the first time, and then leave it on the second time so that it will still upgrade.

Maybe it’s a little difficult to understand my blabbering, but does something like this exist? And if not, is there a possibility it could be added with future updates?

Thanks guys.

@Shawncfer - currently there is no option to turn off that upgrade. However, you can change the word status back to 1 using the status buttons on your flashcards :slight_smile:

Well of course! But if I have 50 words a day, its quite a pain to go through one by one to lower the level of the cards. And if at the end I have on that is a 4, how do I know if it was a 4 before, a 3 before, or a 2 before?

I understand what you’re saying. I just think it would be a nice feature!

@Shawncfer - we will keep this in mind for our future updates :slight_smile:

@shawncfer Don’t click on the ‘got it!’ button just swipe to the next word.

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