Turn off auto courses

Hey guys,

Is it possible to turn off the feature that automatically saves a course to your feed?
Sometimrd I just want to preview the contents of a lesson and not have it saved to my recent feed or My Courses section. It’s driving me a little crazy.



Hi joshuabiddick,
Sorry but you can’t turn that off for now. However if you open just one lessons from a course, you can switch to My Lessons tab and remove it from there, that will make a course automatically disappear from the My Courses tab.

Hi Zoran,

Thanks for the suggestion but it’s not ideal at all. I really hope this can be worked on as a priority as I’ve spoken to a few users who complain about this same feature. Is this on your list of changes for the future?


@joshuabiddick - We don’t really have a preview capability anywhere. The lessons are free so we don’t see a real need for this feature. I agree that sometimes I take lessons without wanting to but it’s quite easy to then switch to My Lessons and remove them. Or, simply leave them there where they will eventually just disappear.

The issue isn’t with deleting them. the issue is that they appear in my feed of Recent Courses of which only contains 4 spaces and these just become full of courses that I haven’t explicitly taken.

I do understand the frustration but you can go to My Lessons and see all of your recent lessons if you set that tab to show My Lessons. It’s easiest to then remove and manage your lessons from there. I also have the issue from time to time but there is no easy solution to it and this is quite an easy workaround.

Thanks Mark. I now see what you mean and it helps a lot! Maybe in future the team could look at an enhancement to be give the ability to remove courses directly from the Recent Lessons feed, as I didn’t find this intuitive initially and I think others have had the same user experience.

In fact, an easier option maybe to only add a course to a users Recent Lessons feed as soon as they have LingQed their first word and not on initial open.

I like the idea of removing from Recent Lessons. We will see what we can do there. I don’t think we will wait until a LingQ has been created before adding to Recent Lessons since users may not be able to find lessons at all that way and we would annoy different people…!