Turkish Course called top 5000 has created huge problem

I flipped a little bit through the above mentioned course on my Android tablet. I ALWAYS have my settings in the reader: “Paging moves to known” set to “disabled”
Maybe this course is a scam, because afterwards I realized that the setting had changed to “enabled” and now almost 5000 words have been added to my account as being know. This completely messes up my entire future with Lingq. I don’t mind so much starting all over with a clean slate since I haven’t got that far with Lingq, but how do I reset my account. I have the one language version (Turkish). I would be very happy with a helping hand.

If you go to Settings > App Settings > Languages and click the X that will delete or “reset” a language. Please note this cannot be undone and be 100% certain before you use that function.

You can go back through the lesson and turn the words to ignore, or to LingQs.

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Thank you Paul. As far as I understand it is impossible to re-do the change in colour of the words. They will appear as white. The colour blue is lost. I can of course look them up and change them to any yellow colour. But in all future lessons I now see a lot of known white words which are not known at all. Really confusing.

Thank you noxialisrex. Yes I am a bit scared of that solution. What happens afterwards. I have uploaded a few private lessons, will they disappear? And since I only have the language Turkish will it still appear only reset to the beginning?

When you reset a language, all your stats and data for that language (including imports) will be removed. You will need to start over and import lessons again if you reset it.

Thank you so much zoran. That answers my question. It is not such a big deal with importing again. It doesn’t take that much time, since I have it all prepared on the PC anyway. So I will go ahead with a reset. Now is actually the time where I will seriously go ahead with Lingq. So it’s good that this silly thing happened now and not later. I will be more careful in the future when I open new courses. Best wishes to all the staff. Keep up the good work.

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Hello Zoran. Just one last question. Since I’m on the Lifetime Premium Turkish I’m a little nervous when I delete (reset) Turkish. Will I just be able to continue afterwards with Turkish and not having to contact Lingq to reestablish that special account.

Not Zoran, but instead of deleting Turkish, have you considered going back through the first 5000 words course and LingQing all the words you don’t actually know? If you give those have good, well-defined LingQs it would be a great start to your LingQ journey.

Kun en idé, men jeg ville gøre det hvis jeg var deg.

Hello again noxialisrex. I have been thinking back and forth about this. That was also the reason for me examining this 5000 word course to see what it could be used for. But I think it would be a very boring task. I actually like the whole idea about learning through stories. As I explained earlier, I haven’t got that far with Lingq so it will not be that time consuming to go through my stories again. Bare af nysgerrighed, er du fra Scandinavien eller er du ved at lære et af vores sprog??
Mange hilsner fra en dansker. Nu bosat i Tyrkiet.

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Netop! Det er en god grund til at lære tyrkisk.

En ting med LingQ, og sproglæring generelt. Hvis ordene er viktige kommer de tilbage, og du skal vide om du kender hvad et ord betyder eller ej. Hvis det ikke allerede er “LingQede”, så kan du gøre det neste gang at du finder ordet. Hvis jeg var deg, ville jeg ikke slette tyrkisk, bare pga nolge tusind ord du ikke kender, selv om LingQ tror du kender dem nu. De kommer altid tilbage.

Og nej, jeg er amerikansk, men jeg underviser svensk. Jeg begyndte med dansk for et år siden, og det bliver stædig bedre :).

@kurtfarre Yeah, no worries. Reset language do not affect your membership status.

OK noxialisrex. Dit danske sprog er rigtig godt. Selvom dansk og svensk er meget tæt på hinanden er der også mange forskelle. Som barn og ung så jeg meget svensk tv og lyttede til svensk radio. Jeg forstår stort set al svensk tale og tekst og kan tale mix dansk / svensk med nabo folket. Men hvis jeg skulle skrive på svensk ville jeg få en del problemer. Det er en flot præstation at du nu har lært de to sprog. Rigtig god medvind på din videre sejltur på sprogrejsen.

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