TTS Slower than normal? TTS randomly stops working

Just hopped onto lingq today and am I crazy or is the TTS when you click on a word slower than normal? I don’t see any settings to revert this. Is this intentional?

Another annoying issue…sometimes the audio TTS stops working sporadically. You’ll click a word and then like 30 seconds later hear the audio. Refreshing doesn’t seem to help, usually this happens for a couple minutes at a time and then it goes back to normal. I feel like this happens to me at least once or twice every reading session I have on lingq.

I love lingq but these random bugs get really annoying, I’d love to at least know why the TTS stops working randomly. The slower speed TTS I can probably get used to eventually, but why not have the option to toggle the TTS speed?? On initial hearing, I prefer the old speed.

If someone at lingq could give me some insight or advice on these issues I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Yes, I have noticed this too. For the last couple of days the TTS voice seems slowed down. But even more distracting, it has a buzzy, robotic sound. I’m using Chrome and Apple PC.

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Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.