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We have a made a slew of recent changes to courses. First of all, we reduced the length of the courses from 12 to 4 weeks. This was done because it is simply easier for both tutors and learners to plan 4 weeks ahead as opposed to 12 weeks.

In addition, we just launched an update to the course list page which lets you try courses for free. Now, when you are looking at the course description you will see two options; one to sign up for the course and one for the free version of the course.

If you start the free version, you will have all the lessons added to your Self-Directed Course. You can read and listen to the lesson and LingQ vocabulary words. The writing and speaking tasks are, of course, optional but you can submit writing for correction and sign up to join the regular course conversations, if you want.

If you buy the complete course, writing and speaking are included in the cost and you will reserve your spot in course conversations. You will also receive free personal tutoring which includes having your questions answered by your tutor and a final report. This is a great value for those of you ready to make the commitment to improve!

Finally, you will notice that the lessons covered in each course are listed in the course description as are the assigned writing and speaking topics.

Check out the new courses list and sign up for a course today!

Hi Mark,

I think it is a really good idea to offer shorter courses.

A small problem with the free courses is that it is a lot of work to create courses and the creator doesn’t have an effect. Maybe the number of free courses should be limited? Or there should be a rewarding system like the system with used content for the creators when a free course is taken?

Another suggestion: The courses should be sorted by the level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) and not by the name.

Hi Mark,

It is good idea.I will join this course.


The Free Course helps the learner who has trouble figuring out what to study. He or she can study the items that the tutor has selected. If we can help more people understand how to study at LingQ, more of them will stay around and eventually some of them will sign up for a course. I also think many may sign up for a free course and then choose to join a discussion or write something. Then they may join the course the next time around.

The courses are divided into six levels, Beginner I, II, Intermediate I, II and Advanced I, II.


I think the free courses are a good advertisement for you and your content. If people like your lessons and your course they will hopefully sign up for the full course eventually. In the meantime, you are directing them to your lessons.

I have to admit that I was surprised to see free courses, too. I thought you said before that tutors spend a lot of time to put courses together and that was why you did not show which lessons to learn in the course at the first place. As a learner, I do not think I want to sign up courses if I don’t know the lessons. So it is a good idea to have free courses from the learners’ point of view. However, as a tutor, now it seems like everything is “it is for your marketing.” I earn points if somebody use my contents, but I don’t need so much points. If I can cash my points, it is a good advertisement though.


Our objective is to get more people to sign up for courses. Let us see how this works. We can always make adjustments later.


Yes, I know you change things for good reason :slight_smile: I just wanted to say how I felt.

Huh? I just gave the url of this site to a friend of mine who is studying spanish at the university. He told me he could only try the beginners course for free. I don’t even know what he’s talking about? I’m still a free member, but I can do every item in the library I want so where can I find these “directed” courses which you have to buy? Thanks!

gr. sjoerd


All courses can now be taken for free. All tutored services are not included, of course. Open up any course in the Course List and you will see there are two options. To view the Course List, click on “Change course” while looking at your Self-directed course.

Of course, the self-directed course is still available and still free as well.

Hi, I have no idea if I’m the only one not knowing this problem, but I can not click on “Change Course” therefore can not see the Course List when using Internet Explorer.I thought there were no courses available yet! I almost always use IE so I did not realize they are there. I used Firefox today for a change and all the courses suddenly appeared just like a magic you know…

Hi Hitomi, I have the same problem with IE7. But seeing courses works on the welcome page. But I think this problem should be fixed because new members got frustrated when the page doesn’t work correct.

I’m using Firefox that’s why I don’t know this problem. But I’ve deliberately tested it with IE and can confirm that this problem exists.

I believe that happens when the “Change course” dropdown is interfered with by the Getting Started window in IE7. We will try and fix that right away but in the meantime, if you close the Getting Started window, it will work. It doesn’t help new users but I’m sure none of you need the Getting Started window! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know.

I closed Getting…and it works fine now. Thanks.