TRUMP'S VICTORY - a view from Great Brirtain

WE’ve made with Richard from England two interviews - in Russian: “Trump’s Victory - look from Russia”

I like very much this Richard’s Interview because he (on my opinion) explains very well the reasons of Trump’s victory and compares Trump’s victory with the results of the referendum in the UK about Brexit.

Here is the link to our conversation in English:

@Evgueny: “…and compares Trump’s victory with the results of the referendum in the UK about Brexit…”

A lot of people are making a kind of equivalence between Brexit and Trump (perhaps including Trump himself!)

In my opinion the similarities are actually quite limited. The US people weren’t voting to re-establish their national sovereignty and the primacy of their laws - because these things had never been taken away from them!

It simply can’t be assumed that all or most of the people who voted for Brexit would also have supported the crazy stuff that Trump said during his campaign about Mexicans, etc.

PS This is a great series of interviews that you are doing with Richard :slight_smile:

Thanks for your appreciation, Jay!
Trump said a lot of rude words about Mexicans and about all other imnmigrants and so on.
But Clinton said even ruder words about Russia and about Putin.
I explain both dirty words with the pre-election fight in the US wich was very sharp and merciless this time…
We have in Russian a good proverb - Judge not for words but for the certain actions.
We’ll see which action will be done by Trump as a President of the Super power Number One.

I loathe Clinton’s politics and, more generally, all of the modern liberal left in the West.

As regards President Putin, while I don’t by any means support everything about him, I have no doubt that the “correct” dinner-party attitudes towards him are grotesquely biased and manifest some shameless double standards.

I believe he is systematically demonised by most politicians and most of the media in the West. We are shown picture after picture of children injured by Russian airstrikes against Islamist strongholds in Syria, but not those of children who are equally injured by US airstrikes against ISIS. People talk about his intervention in the Ukraine, while ignoring the western attempts to destabilise and overthrow the previous democratically elected regime there. He is accused of “annexing” the Crimea, while people are not informed about the true history of the region, how it was forcibly removed from Russia during the Soviet era, how most people who live there want to be part of Russia, and so on.

I could go on and on here…it is interesting indeed to compare friendly western attitudes towards Erdogan in Turkey or towards the regime in Saudi Arabia with those towards Putin vis-à-vis things like state control of media, suppression of political opposition, etc, etc.

The trouble with the Clintons of this world is that they think people are too stupid to notice their hypocrisy. We are not.

“PS This is a great series of interviews that you are doing with Richard :-)”

Have you read/listened to some of their Russian discussions? Some good stuff. If you do, it’s fun to stick it on half speed since Evgueny then sounds like he has just drunk three quarters of a bottle of vodka.