“The Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) is a federal United States law that prohibits any unauthorized individual from knowingly possessing a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(25).
It was introduced in the U.S. Senate in October 1990 by Joseph R. Biden and signed into law in November 1990 by George H. W. Bush.”–Wikipedia

Trump said he is against the act because it is “unconstitutional.”

We still believe in pre-election polling now?

He already struck out on the inner cities. The two biggest problems his administration is poised to make worse: The criminalization of Marijuana, the private prisons system that lobbys to prevent change to drug laws (their stocks rose once Trump won), and the mandate to cut spending on public schools. His Attorney general is a complete racist who wants to crack down on Marijuana: The number one cause of imprisonment in the country.

Also, the only way to stop the immigration from Central America (Guatemala where drug cartels have tremendous power in the government, El Salvador, Nicaragua and places like that, Not Mexico as commonly believed). Is to slowly move towards the legalization of Marijuana. The war on drugs gives the cartels their power over the economies in these countries which is why so many people flee. Their cities are more dangerous than Iraq).

He is going in the opposite direction despite the fact that his biggest campaign promise was to solve immigration problems. Every 25 Seconds

But Im sure building a 100 mile, 25 foot high wall will be really productive.

Sure, but he would still be crushed by Trump in these areas. Bernie Sanders policies differed from Clinton in essentially two aspects: protectionism and gun control. I agree that he would gain more support because of this from the rust belt states, but I don’t think it would be enough and thank God for that

I know what a gun-free zone is. The problem with a gun-free zone is that there is nothing to enforce it before you actually get into the region and by then it is likely too late if the person’s intention is to kill people. What this means is that peaceful gun carriers will keep the gun at home while non-peaceful carriers will carry it with them and the safety goes down as a result.

In other words, gun-free zones are not going to be effective as long as there is no barrier to getting into them with a gun. Not only are they not going to be effective, but they will also reduce the chances of peaceful individuals of protecting themselves as evidenced by shootings in recent times.

I also agree that the act is unconstitutional, but that is just a side point in my opinion.

“[A]ren’t golf areas typically gated and protected in some form?”

Do you think that golf courses are usually “gun-free”? I suppose you are right. Do you think that this is unconstitutional?

I really don’t know if they usually are or not. As far as I know it is not unconstitutional if it is on a privately owned property

Do you understand what “gun-free” means? I suppose it means “being free from the threats by guns”, namely, “no guns are allowed to carry there”.

No, I’m talking about the fact that he lies 70% of the time (fact checked), ran a scam university and had to settle for fraud, went bankrupt 5 times, lies about his net worth constantly. This

And oh yea, this - YouTube

I’d be interested to see the evidence for “he lies 70% of the time”? (I mean, someone might get away with 5% - but if someone lies 7 times out of 10, it’d be blatantly obvious to everyone, wouldn’t it?)

As for the former Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs people, etc…well, as long as there is a free press in America, it will be hard for them to exercise any kind of conflict of interest in favour of their former employers without getting called out on it.

Is he going for the criminalisation of Marijuana?

This is an interesting topic. I used to be in favour of de-criminalising it myself, but I’ve seen some quite compelling stuff (from Peter Hitchens in particular) which suggests there could be some kind of causal link between heavy use of this drug and serious mental illness. So I’m kind of having second thoughts.

Trump politifact. PolitiFact | Donald Trump

Yes I do. I do not golf so I do not know if you are usually allowed to carry guns in there or not.

He has been pushing for the same policies for decades, that is not a fraud in my book. And the 70% lying statistics is complete nonsense. Calling Trump University a scam does not make it so either. I have heard him talk about his net worth, but constantly? Just no. Tons of rich people have been bankrupt

Jeff Sessions on Marijuana. Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Legal Marijuana - POLITICO Magazine

Private prisons: Trump presidency is providing a great opportunity to buy prison stocks - MarketWatch

There is a special place in hell for those who lobby to throw more people in jail for profit.

Also, it turns it there is a pretty good link between heavy drinkers and drunk driving, liver damage, alcohol poisoning, and another lingq between heavy smokers and dying from lung and heart disease.

We should probably make alcohol illegal. How Prohibition backfired and gave America an era of gangsters and speakeasies | Action and adventure films | The Guardian

Then in response we could put a permanent ban to all Italian Immigrants. That will fix the problem.

I find it interesting as well as I have not heard him say he is in favor of criminalising Marijuana. He called out drugs as a problem and it certainly is, but does that mean he is in favor of banning it? I am not so sure

How about schools? Should pupils and students be allowed to carry their own guns in schools?

It depends if the school is in bear country.

“…it turns it there is a pretty good link between heavy drinkers and drunk driving, liver damage, alcohol poisoning…”

There are some differences though. If people damage their livers through drinking (or lungs through smoking) it’s their personal problem, essentially speaking. As informed adults they should be free to take the risk, IMO.

If they drive while intoxicated, however, it isn’t just their own problem, because there are implications for the safety of other road users. Drunken driving is thus already codified as a criminal offence in most parts of the world.

If it is true (I’m still open minded) that regular and heavy use of marijuana causes serious long term mental illness (including propensity to violence) then for me that kind of falls into the same category as drink driving, because it has implications for the safety of other people, and would not in that case be a matter of personal liberty only.

“It depends if the school is in bear country.”

We are told that we should pretend to be dead, if we happen to encounter a bear in the forest. I am not sure it works.

It is not only a matter of whether someone should be allowed to carry it. The fact is that in the vast majority of schools, there is no security stopping anyone from going into a campus with a gun and starting to shoot even if it is illegal to do so.

If people are allowed to have guns around the school, atleast there is a chance that if a criminal decides to shoot up people, people will be able to defend themselves instead of having to wait many minutes before the police or special forces arrive.

In other words, I think gun-free zones without strict enforcements are ineffective at best and extremely dangerous at worst