What do you guys think about Trump being President? (This probably wasn’t a good idea I know)

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I thought that the inaugural speech was pretty tough tobacco - he gave it to the establishment at pointblank range with both barrels!

Either he is going to be a giant figure of history, or he’s going to be an epic train wreck - the way I see it those right there are the two possibilities!

Time will tell. We shall see. Etc.

You have to admire his sheer hutzpah though - even if you don’t agree with everything he says. This is a guy with self-belief on a truly intergalactic scale!

(Maybe Piers Morgan is right? Maybe people really do bet against him at their peril?)

I agree

Whether or not you agree with him, one thing is for sure: This is going to be yuge!


“Just as Trump figured out a way to co-opt the conservative movement, Republicans in Washington (from K Street to the Capitol) are now trying to co-opt him and the Trumpist movement. In many cases, the Trump-GOP relationship can be symbiotic. But the inaugural address hinted pretty strongly at the fundamental divergence between the two sides over the virtue of free trade, the value of immigration, the size of government, the role the state should play in people’s personal lives and America’s place in the world.”
JAMES HOHMAN with Breanne Deppisch

On some points, Trump is less “regressive” than the conservative movement in the Republican Party. His protectionism in economic policies is different from the free-market fundamentalism shared by the conservative movement. His style of speech shows something that Christian fundamentalists don’t want to notice in him.

The main problem is the inconsistent comments and the thin-skinned character of this narcissistic, dictatorial businessman.

It was a great idea. I love to spread my ignorance on this forum!

I think that he’s the natural outcome of Obama’s second mandate. I doubt it really is his (Obama’s) fault, but the American Left pushed their agenda too far and created Trumpism. Now it’s Trump and etc’s turn to push their Right Wing agenda too far during the next 4-8 years to bring up another Obama or Sanders. And this will go on and on and on.

I don’t like that he’s most likely doing this since it’s the only thing that he couldn’t buy with money. He’ll probably get bored soon. Also, a wall won’t change anything (there’s already one…kinda).

I do appreciate about Trump that he is himself. There’s no way he’s faking this. Also, I love the fact that most celebrities, University students and professors, journalists, and politicians despise him. It is hilarious to me. Oh, and the news got so much more interesting in 2016, so that’s positive.

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Not to change the subject, but are Trump’s golf courses “gun-free” or not? He said he is against the concept of “gun-free” schools. I imagine that he wanted to get support from the NRA. I think he is as opportunistic as the people around him.

More guns mean more gun murders. Here’s how we know. More guns mean more gun murders. Here's how we know. - Vox

He’s going to be my commander in chief. He’ll either keep me safe, or seriously fuck me over. I’m obviously hoping for the former, because there’s nothing that can be done at this point, so hoping for the best or swallowing pride is a big pill to swallow.

On a side note, as much as I hate the mainstream media, someone should post a flash back of the wrongful treatment Obama got when he got elected, just to show how hypocritical the GOP is when it comes to “respect the new president.”

The first and last comments on this threads by fellow Americans are right on. Right now, I’m betting (but more hoping) that he goes down as one of the greatest presidents in US history. (Think Ronald Reagan).

The crucial thing most people misunderstand about Trump is two-fold.

First, Trump is hated/feared, and conversely loved, not because of what he has said or how he says it, but because of what he stands for. ANY candidate who stood up to the “Establishment” (the biggest media, biggest corporations, incumbent politicians, and most of US academia) on the issues of immigration, free trade, and excessive use of the military to remake the world in our image, is going to be a target.

Second, this is the way the world is going now. Trump is a symptom, not a cause. We haven’t reached the “end of history” where the world is in this inevitable march toward democracy where we all sing kumbayah and are united in our common love of ideas. Witness Brexit and the triumph of nationalist parties in Europe. Let Britain be British, France be French, and America be American.

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“how hypocritical the GOP is when it comes to ‘respect the new president.’”

Political correctness can take the form of “right-wing political correctness”.
I think that Trump and the people around him demand this. He is too thin-skinned to accept critical comments on his inconsistent “policies” and probable conflicts of interest. He may become the most irresponsible and corrupt president in the history of the US.

Trump cares more about his hotels than he does any of the American people. He essentially handed the Cabinet to Goldman Sachs (2 top positions) and Exxon Mobil (Rex Tillerson) by pushing an agenda of deregulation, anti science, anti climate, anti environment, pro Billionaire. (his 16 cabinet members are worth more than the wealth of the bottom 100 million Americans).

His first acts as President have to been to cancel Obama’s Mortgage relief program and order the repeal of Obamacare. Anyone who doesn’t see him as an obvious fraud is a Silly Person. #swampthing.

This is a really, really tough day. It is painful to watch this buffoon become our leader.

“I think that he’s the natural outcome of Obama’s second mandate. I doubt it really is his (Obama’s) fault, but the American Left pushed their agenda too far and created Trumpism”

No, it is the exact opposite. This election is the combination of firstly the antipolitics propaganda which was mobilized by the Koch brothers in the Form of the tea party. Second, it was all about the failure of the democratic party.

Trump didn’t win, he got less votes than Romney… Hillary lost. She epitomized the failure of the Democratic party to address the needs of the working people, their coziness with wall street over main street, and to mostly ignore the values of their base. If Bernie won the primary he would have defeated Trump in a landslide. If He wasn’t blacklisted by the Mainstream media he would have won that too.

Trump won by the largest margin as a republican since Ronald Reagan and you claim he didn’t win? How much more does a republican have to win by to win in your eyes?

The whole idea that Sanders would destroy Trump is complete nonsense. Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Bernie Sanders got a massive following amongst America’s youth, but he would be absolutely wrecked if he had become the democrats’ candidate.


To be fair, “gun-free” zones on a golf-course might be a vastly different beast than a school campus. I don’t play golf, but aren’t golf areas typically gated and protected in some form?

What wrongful treatment did Obama get? I didn’t follow politics back in 2009 so I really don’t know aside from Congress blocking his policy proposals. I don’t see what is wrong with that if they do not agree with those policies

Bernie had the Heart of the Base. He was filling arenas in the rust belt States that Hillary lost to Trump: she could barely muster up a crowd.

I agree. If Trump manages to follow through with pretty much any of his proposals, he will go down as one of the best presidents in recent times for sure.

Imagine Trump stopping Isis and then stopping all of America’s involvement in the wars in the Middle-east and North-East Africa. That in itself would make Trump the most peaceful president in recent times and I suspect that people around the world will start respecting America again.

Other policies that would make him a great success would be fixing America’s inner cities, boosting American infrastructure, getting labor force participation rate going up again, having US growth going above 3% again and so on. There’s so many things he can do now and I think he can do it


None of those people work for Goldman Sachs or Exxon Mobil any longer. These are highly successful and intelligent individuals who will work for Trump’s agenda which is to get America’s economy growing at a proper pace again. If they do not comply, I sincerely doubt Trump will not get rid of them. You have to remember that Trump is an extremely pragmatic person.

Not wanting to invest massive amounts of money in dubious environmental subsidies and other policies is not being anti-environment. Nor is anything Trump believes in anti-science or anti-climate. Deregulation would be one of the greatest achievements of Donald Trump if he manages to get it done. Presidents tend to increase net regulations though so I do not think the sheer number of regulations will go down; government regulation will probably be simplified instead.

Trump has since day 1 attacked Obama Care so calling him a fraud for going through with what he has said is ridiculous.

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