Trouble with vocabulary reviews--again

This has been an intermittent problem for me and is occurring again now. I haven’t received any words to review since February 28, so I’m missing three days now. It’s so frustrating to have this problem popping up again. Please help me fix it and learn how to avoid the problem.

Hi @cheska99 , I checked your account and looks like you marked our email as spam (or it was done automatically by your email provider), on February 27th, 7:00PM, and that is the reason why you were unsubscribed from our email system again.
I subscribed you back now, please make sure to whitelist us again. Thanks!

Last night I imported and turned into lingqs 96 words, so I was expecting a review this morning of 100 words. I went to do my review and found it announced itself completed when I had finished 25 words. So to check what might be happening this time, I went back to the review for today and saw that it did in fact contain a list of 100 words in four pages listed when I hit on today’s date in the filter. However, when I hit on the button that says review now, I only get 25. How can we fix this so that I get the whole hundred words? Thanks as usual for your help.

Interesting detail about the above: when I click on the review button that I receive in my email, I DO get the entire 100 words. So, perhaps I am doing something wrong in reviewing from the vocabulary page and the dates under the filter by date choice. Do I perhaps have to select all the words before I hit the review now button from the vocabulary page as opposed to my email?