Trouble with Skype connection

I have had some complaints about the quality of my Skype connection, and I have been working to investigate the causes of the problem.

I have a good quality USB headset and webcam, my broadband connection runs at 6MB/s download and 600kb/s upload (same speeds for ethernet and wireless). A shiny new, high speed desktop will be going online by the end of the week. during the hours of 7pm and 9pm London time. All settings on computer and router are correct.

The complaints arise from conversations between my house and Germany, at between 7pm and 9pm London time. On investigation with the broadband provider I discovered that our local exchange is overdue for upgrade, and it does not have the capacity to support all the leisure broadband users in my local area, who cause load “spikes” at odd times between about 7pm and 11pm.

There is nothing I can due to speed up the replacement of the local exchange and the problem is therefore out of my hands. The professional solution would seem to be to stop offering evening discussions.

My apologies to students who did not find the connection unsatisfactory who have now lost their regular conversation slot.

It seems to me you have a good bandwidth. In fact, if you just have voice conversations , you shouldn’t have any problem with it.
Have you tried a bandwidth test out? You can find out your real bandwidth at any moment. For example in this web, for free, you can test it:

Another thing you can do is try is to update your skype software if you haven’t do it yet. Having the last version sometimes helps with it.

*Another thing you can do is to try to update your skype software…

Same in Spanish. Most of the people uses ADSL tecnology. So for example the upload bandwidth (let me say it politely) it’s not spectacular.
Furthermore, now companies are pushing to get being paid by use, not with a fixed price.